The Brewery


Head Brewer

Brewer Chris Davidson has taken a long and winding road to get to Spartan Brewpub here in Mason, MI. Born in Massachusetts, with time spent in New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania, Chris came to Lansing, Michigan in 2015.  He was an avid homebrewer who had been honing his craft for almost ten years. After careers in architecture, community service, and nonprofits, the move to Michigan brought with it a new opportunity to start the career in beer he had been working towards for so long. Before joining the Spartan Brewpub team in the summer of 2018, he was the brewer at The Gallery Brewery in Portland, MI. Prior to that he had spent time as a bartender and a draft beer service technician. What he likes best about brewing is the constant learning and the pursuit of perfection. With brewing, there is always opportunity to improve; whether that means making a better finished product or simply finding a better way to get the job done. Outside of brewing and drinking beer, Chris loves spending time with his wife, Jan, and sons, Jack and Henry. He enjoys watching sports, playing board games, and fooling around on the guitar.  


The Brewery

Our 1 BBl brewery let's us produce a variety of great beers. We have a few staples you can always find on tap (have you tried the Hades' Black Knight Black IPA?). And we have a some seasonals and one-off brews as well. The small setup allows us to make many small batches. Have an idea for a beer? Let us know and we may just brew it!